Zombiraff maquette WIP1

Still trying to finish the studio- We're just barely water tight in time for the rains to come. XD Hopefully we'll finish up the windows and tarring the roof asap so we can stop thinking about it and get back to work. XD I've been dying to get back into more 3D sculptural work, stop-motion maquettes and just general sculpting and the like. I'm pretty rusty but I love it. X) Here's what I've been working on... >o> A little sneak peak for the people following along Deviant Dead of an upcoming grand prize. <o< Sssh it's still a surprise! This is the end of the first session, still loads to do. Tomorrow if I have time I'm going to try to refine the sculpt and eventually bake it and paint it. I'll get back to my drawing projects asap I just need a break into another medium for a few. XC


Deviant Dead Survivor Sketch Dump

Trying to get my draw back on. Still in a bit of a rut but I'm finding more time/energy in the evening just to warm up. Been using the Survivors from DeviantDead as inspiration.

Zombiraff loves you
Vaughn and Bean
Eoin and Mike are BFF
First Q attempt. Second Q attempt. Still don't like either.
That old dude and his cat
Brian and Joshua
Team Whitey
Lee and Pierre have a sparklemustacheoff and Simon and Jay have their own issues
Ned Keeps on Truckin'
Mona Moans

More to come, I'm sure.

Some Random Stuff

Doodles and WIPs for various things.

Turn around sheet for Ingrid done for fun, still a work in progress, she's full of inconsistencies, believe me I have a list of them to tweak before this thing is done. X) Behold, how not to do your character sheet, plus some other stuff after the cut.

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Verdan sketches

Sample post just to start things up. This will eventually be a sketchblog I will hopefully start actually actively updating. If you used to watch biliousneko and want to see stuff that's not necessarily fanart related, friend this account here.

Been experimenting with my character Verdan. He's still evolving. Was playing with his hair recently in photoshop.

Click the image to see it bigger, man.

IDK but I'm still feelin' his bowlcut.  Still trying to find his face, exactly though. I've got a few different directions I'd like to lean in but none of them have really flowed in the same direction just yet.