January 20th, 2010


Zombiraff maquette WIP1

Still trying to finish the studio- We're just barely water tight in time for the rains to come. XD Hopefully we'll finish up the windows and tarring the roof asap so we can stop thinking about it and get back to work. XD I've been dying to get back into more 3D sculptural work, stop-motion maquettes and just general sculpting and the like. I'm pretty rusty but I love it. X) Here's what I've been working on... >o> A little sneak peak for the people following along Deviant Dead of an upcoming grand prize. <o< Sssh it's still a surprise! This is the end of the first session, still loads to do. Tomorrow if I have time I'm going to try to refine the sculpt and eventually bake it and paint it. I'll get back to my drawing projects asap I just need a break into another medium for a few. XC